Deadhead 10 Years Old Rum

Deadhead 10 Years Old Rum

Mexico- Single blend rum rested in oak barrels since 2011 to celebrate the 10 year anniversary. Each amber black bottle displays black matte, copper foil embossed label, which is hand numbered and signed by the master distiller. Only 6,000 bottles produced.

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Deadhead 10 Years Old Rum

Mexico- Single blend rum rested in oak barrels since 2011 to celebrate the 10th anniversary. Each amber black bottle displays a black matte, copper foil embossed label, which is hand-numbered and signed by the master distiller. Only 6,000 bottles were produced.

To celebrate Deadhead’s ten years of commitment to making the very finest rum and putting Méxican rum its rightful place on the global rum map, they asked their master blender Jorge to create a 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Deadhead rum and he did not disappoint.

Deadhead 10th Anniversary Limited Edition Rum 750ml is extraordinary. This elegant 80-proof spirit features a whiskey-style nose of stone fruit and maple syrup. Brown sugar melts on the tongue, followed by cigar-leaf and sassafras. Toasted pecan and oatmeal drive even more textual complexity. Oak and leather are magnificent on the finish, which delivers pure depth of character.

Each amber glass bottle features a black-matte, copper-foil embossed label that is hand-numbered. This sleek, stunning 10th Anniversary Limited Edition bottle will surely be a back-lit beauty on top shelves of bars and Tiki lounges everywhere.

  • ABV: 40%


Brand History

The shrunken head of an enemy was kept as a trophy; taken for blood honor and spiritual renewal.

The image of Deadhead’s bottles is likely indelible to all who’ve seen them. They pay tribute to the Shuar, who were known to collect the shrunken heads (tsantsas) of their vanquished foes, believing that the soul remained within. While Deadhead’s vessels don’t contain souls, they do contain award-winning spirits: The Cask Aged Rum is aged for six years in toasted American and Chiapas oak barrels, and the recipe for its slow-roasted, cacao-infused Dark Chocolate Rum was inspired by ancient recipes used by Mayan emperors.


Nestled in Southeastern Mexico, in the rugged region of Chiapas, Tapachula is a sustainable rural community where the Suchiate River connects with the Pacific Ocean. Surrounded by banana plantations and extraordinary tropical rainforests, Rums from Mexico is located in the second sugar mill in Chiapas, Mexico. The family-owned and operated distillery has been producing exceptional rums and aguardiente for three generations since 1948. With dozens of international awards, not only is it the most-awarded rum distillery in Mexico, but it also produces the only Mexican rum that has earned an international award in the history of the American Rum Industry.

A destination for foodies, who want to enjoy all three pillars of good travel: good food, spirits, and adventure, guests can participate in hands-on learning about the process of making rum and aguardiente, from the fermentation of the sugarcane and the distillation to the aging in barrels and bottling, while touring the distillery in the remote lush jungle.

Rums from Mexico Distillery supports sustainable agriculture and endeavors to advance the economic and social conditions of the communities in which they operate. They are committed to preserving and respecting the earth and the environment. For example, to minimize its carbon footprint, it has eschewed the use of plastic in favor of glass for its Deadhead rum brand; and when distilling all its spirits, Rums from Mexico participates in fair trade and is green industry certified. What’s more, the brands donate to local schools, health clinics, and local artisans.

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