Meadery of The Rockies Sweet Honey Wine

Our traditional meads are made with 100% orange blossom honey. Sweet Honey Wine is the sweetest of our Meads. Gold Medal – Colorado Winefest.

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Meadery of the Rockies

Honey. Nature’s Nectar!

Throughout the ages, meads, also known as honey wines, have provided warmth and joy to people. At Meadery of the Rockies, this rich tradition is embraced, infusing it with fresh tastes, exciting flavors, and captivating experiences.

As the pioneers of mead-making in Colorado, Meadery of the Rockies proudly bears the title of the state’s original meadery. The wines produced embody a delightful crispness, an invigorating quality, and an unmistakable burst of flavor. Central to their craft is the exclusive use of 100% pure, unadulterated orange blossom honey. In crafting fruit blends, a priority is placed on locally sourced produce, ensuring an authentic taste of Colorado in every sip.

Join Meadery of the Rockies on a journey through time and taste, where ancient traditions meet modern creativity, all bottled within the heart of Colorado’s pristine landscapes.

We offer a complete range of sweetness, alcohol levels, and flavors:

  • Traditional: Lightly Sweet, Medium Sweet and Sweet.
  • Fruit Blends: Apricot, Blackberry, Peach, and Strawberry.
  • Dessert Wines: Chocolate Cherry Honey Wine, and Honey Sheré.

Our SWEET HONEY WINE (formerly known as CAMELOT) is a traditional style mead with aromas of caramel, honey, vanilla, and beeswax with a crisp, clean and balanced flavor of honeycomb and jasmine. For a fun and unique experience, enjoy chilled or over ice. It’s a perfect complement to spicy Asian or Latin foods, charcuterie, or your favorite dessert!

Awards & Accolades

Gold Medals:

  • Colorado Governor’s Cup (2021).
    • Strawberry Honey.
  • Colorado Governor’s Cup (2017).
    • Strawberry Honey.
  • Houston International (2017).
    • Apricot Honey (Class Champion).
  • Colorado Governor’s Cup (2016).
    • Strawberry Honey (Double Gold, Best in Show).
    • Chocolate Cherry Honey.

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Meadery of The Rockies

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