Royal Green Whisky

Royal Green Whisky

The Deluxe Blended Whisky from the house of ADS Distilleries was introduced to the Indian Markets in October of 2015. One of our highest selling whisky brands, Royal Green is a very popular name in North India. An extremely economical blend with a great taste, Royal Green is a favourite with heavy drinkers.

Product Description

Royal Green Whisky

Description: Royal Green Classic Blended Whisky is an Indian whisky brand produced and bottled by ADS distilleries. Royal Green Whisky launched in 2014 was a runaway success with its first-of-its-kind green bottle and superior blend quantity and it soon established itself as a brand to reckon with.

Color: Golden Pale-Yellow color

Distillation: Royal Green Whisky is a carefully curated mélange of the finest premium Indian Grain spirits and imported scotch malts. The scotch malts are imparted by a unique double-cask maturation process. Initially in first fill Bourbon casks, and then ages gracefully in handpicked Oloroso sherry oak casks. These malts, when married with the finest Indian grain spirit, create a superlative blend.

Aroma & Tasting Notes: The scotch malts have complex notes of fruit, vanilla, and a hint of spices. The initial note of freshly cut grass, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Malt on the nose. Medium bodied with hints of Fruits, Vanilla, and a touch of oak on the palate. The finish is medium in length and spicy to peaty to the end.

Alcohol by volume: 42.8%


ADS DISTILLERIES Private Limited is India’s Premier brand of the finest spirits made with the best quality of grains. The Company has a modern, state-of-the-art distillery set up in Haryana that is currently operating at a production capacity of 60 KLPD and with the current CAGR and nationally expanding operations, all measures are being taken to improve this and scale new heights.

Incorporated in 2010, the functional ADS Distillery is located in Beri, which is a town in Jhajjar – just 65 kilometers from Delhi. The grain-based alcohol manufacturing facility has been set up by PRAJ Industries, an expert in the distillation industry with over 600 customers in more than 60 countries across 5 continents. Read more about our distillery here.

Setup by first-generation of entrepreneurs, Ads Distilleries has benefited from our nationalist approach (rich experience of being in wholesale & retail in the region) and vision of being a completely Indian setup in a sector dominated by foreign brands. The company believes in a sustainable development approach that guarantees long-term success. Expansion plans are based on the consumer acceptance of the company products in different regional markets. Ads Distilleries aims to achieve a pan-India player in the next couple of years with a focus on quality, fair pricing, and ethical business practices.

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1 ltr, 750 ml


Royal Green

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