Monopolowa Dry Gin

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Monopolowa Dry Gin is a gold-medal winning premium gin. Crafted with superior botanicals, including juniper berries, orange and lemon peel, coriander, anise, and ginger, it offers an unmatched light texture and subtle flavor. Monopolowa Dry Gin delivers both the highest quality spirit and the refined taste of tradition. More than 200 years’ experience in every bottle.

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Monopolowa Dry Gin | A Taste of Polish Excellence

Baczewski’s Dry Gin has been made according to a traditional family recipe for decades, using nothing but the best natural ingredients. They produce it using distilled potato spirit and crystal-clear mountain water, while its exquisite and well-balanced flavor has been achieved thanks to a carefully selected mixture of aromatic extras: juniper berries, coriander, aniseed, ginger, and dill, as well as lemon and orange peel. There are many ways in which Baczewski’s Dry Gin may be served. It makes excellent aperitif and is frequently served on ice or with tonic. However, it tastes best mixed with vermouth in a classic dry martini cocktail.

  • 43.5 % Alc./Vol. (87 Proof)

Sensory Notes:

Seldom at a loss for descriptive terms, the Beverage Testing Institute noted aromas of “floral bath talc” and “lemon curd” but concluded it was a “great combination of vibrancy and elegance.”


Monopolowa, originally a Polish brand, is a vodka made in Austria by Gessler. It is distilled from potatoes and is marketed under the brand name of J. A. Baczewski.

“Monopolowa” means “monopoly”, in this case referring to a privilege given to the Polish nobility class of the Szlachta, giving them exclusive rights to produce and sell vodka in their territories.

Monopolowa was produced by J. A. Baczewski until World War II. After the war, Gessler, an Austrian company, bought the license and the rights to production. In 1990, the Starogard Gdański-based branch of Polmos, a privatized offshoot of the former state-owned monopoly, started to produce several of J.A. Baczewski’s products under license from Altvater Gessler – J.A. Baczewski International (USA) Inc. However, in the late 1990s, the license was terminated and production in Poland was halted.

Monopolowa has consistently scored top marks in awards and is marketed to consumers looking for a high-quality product with a low price. It scored a 94 at the 2003 International Review of Spirits, the highest score, tying with Stolichnaya. In 2008, the independent Beverage Testing Institute gave Monopolowa a rating of 93/100, calling the vodka “exceptional”.

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2022 – International Wine and Spirit Competition: Silver Medal
2021 – World Gin Awards: Gold Medal
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