Honor del Castillo Redencion – Tequila Reposado Claro

Honor del Castillo Redencion – Tequila Reposado Claro

Redencion is for those who know themselves and what they want. With oak, honey, and cocoa aromas, this refreshing taste has a clean nose and notes of red currants and flowers. The balance of sweet and spice will make you want to take another sip.


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Honor del Castillo Redencion – Tequila Reposado Claro

Who is Redencion: You know who you are, what you like, and who to spend exclusive moments with. You live every moment with confidence and conviction. You fully enjoy life, without haste, without excuses – with freedom and clarity.

Flavor & Aroma: This taste provides a refreshing sensation with the immediate aromas of oak, honey, and cocoa. It also has a clean honest nose, and from the first sip, you’ll notice characteristics of dried fruits such as red currants. It invites you to take another sip and appreciate its balance between the fragrance of flowers, coffee, chocolate, and a hint of white pepper; a combination of sweet and spice.

Distillery Information

“Tequila Honor was proudly created by a small and dedicated group of experts on tequila and its industry. The Tequila Honor team inclusive of Kate del Castillo and the Vivianco Family from Los Altos de Jalisco who produces our tequila, is united in a singular vision and passion to produce and share the best tequila.

The Vivanco Family is the fourth generation of agave growers and producers of the highest quality tequilas; who have won international awards for quality and consistency utilizing a traditional artisanal process with their agaves. Tequila Honor utilizes an honest and authentic production process which ensures that the real essence of tequila is always kept and at the center of their expressions.”

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750 ml


Honor Del Castillo

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