Honor del Castillo Afirmacion – Tequila Añejo

Honor del Castillo Afirmacion – Tequila Añejo

Afirmacion is a special Añejo blend aged with white American oak barrels. It has a yellow wheat color with sweet notes of chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla, flavors of cooked agave, and soft tones of coffee.


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Product Description

Honor del Castillo Afirmacion – Tequila Añejo

Who is Afirmación: You exhibit control and you recognize that what has value in this life requires dedication and patience. You never look for shortcuts, because you know that wisdom isn’t a destination, it’s a journey. Your experiences affirm you who are. You know what the best is and you deserve it. It’s time to enjoy your success.

Flavor & Aroma: After three years of preparation, tasting, and fine-tuning by Kate and her team, The Limited Edition Tequila Honor del Castillo Afirmacion is a unique and very special Añejo blend. The first Limited Edition batch was aged with a blend of 15 different white American oak barrels with an average age of 15 to 18 months. At sight, it delights us with a natural yellow wheat color with dark soft tones. Its nose is clean, slightly opening its sweet notes and dry aromatic chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla. Per its medium toasted barrels, it also invites flavors of cooked agave, leaving residual soft tones of coffee.

Distillery Information

“Tequila Honor was proudly created by a small and dedicated group of experts on tequila and its industry. The Tequila Honor team inclusive of Kate del Castillo and the Vivianco Family from Los Altos de Jalisco who produces our tequila, is united in a singular vision and passion to produce and share the best tequila.

The Vivanco Family is the fourth generation of agave growers and producers of the highest quality tequilas; who have won international awards for quality and consistency utilizing a traditional artisanal process with their agaves. Tequila Honor utilizes an honest and authentic production process which ensures that the real essence of tequila is always kept and at the center of their expressions.”

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750 ml


Honor Del Castillo

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