Coronado Rompope

Coronado Rompope

There’s only one authentic “Cream Liqueur” that is the most traditional and popular across Mexico: Rompope Coronado.

Product Description

Coronado Rompope

Alcoholic beverage with a sweet flavor and thick consistency, with characteristic aromas and (vanilla or cappuccino) notes. It is a Mexican drink with a low alcohol content. Its origins date back to the convents of New Spain. Its sweet flavor and consistency have made it a favorite in several pastry dishes and also as a digestive. Traditionally Potosino products.

Rompope Coronado is a handcrafted expression of Mexican traditions made with vanilla, egg whites, almonds, milk, and just the right amount of rum. Made with all-natural ingredients and no artificial flavors.

Rompope Coronado is the original and traditional beverage ready to be enjoyed in a cocktail or a delicious dessert.  With Rompope Coronado life is always sweeter.


  • Vanilla
  • Cappuccino



It can be drunk alone, on the rocks, or mixed with different drinks such as rum, brandy, vodka, and even coffee. It is also used in the preparation of desserts.

History of Coronado Rompope

  • 1955: Rompope Coronado is founded by Don Jorge Hernández Espinoza.
  • 1960: Rompope Coronado becomes a company of fresh, artisanal products derived from cow’s milk.
  • 1968: Rompope Coronado creates a distributor to be their main commercial hub and deliver products to all supermarkets and stores in the country.
  • 1987: Chongos Coronado joins the Rompope Coronado family to create the richest Chongos and spreadable Cocada.
  • 1995: The Choir brand was created to integrate Rompope Coronado’s grocery line. The cajeta is the main standard of this brand, and Rompope Coronado preserves the unique and original recipe.
  • 2017: Rompope Coronado consolidates itself as a large family and all of its brands are governed under the framework of this corporate concept.

Present: Rompope Coronado is now nationwide in Mexico and is also available in the United States of America.

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