Bunratty Potcheen

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Bunratty Potcheen

Truly a spiritual thing that the Irish did long ago when they trapped the pure and magical nature to create from sunshine and rain, in the mountains and valleys, the original treasured spirit “Potcheen”.

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Bunratty Potcheen

Also known as simply “Potcheen” or “poteen,” is a traditional Irish spirit with a long history. It’s often described as a type of Irish moonshine due to its illicit historical production. Here are some key points about Bunratty Potcheen:

  • History: Potcheen has a history that dates back centuries in Ireland. It was typically produced clandestinely, often in homemade stills, and was considered illegal for much of its history. It was known as a rough and unregulated spirit.
  • Ingredients: Potcheen is traditionally made from various fermentable ingredients, including grains, potatoes, sugar, and sometimes fruit. These ingredients are fermented and then distilled to produce a high-proof spirit.
  • Alcohol Content: Bunratty Potcheen is known for its high alcohol content, often exceeding 40% ABV (alcohol by volume). Some traditional, homemade versions could be even stronger.
  • Bunratty Distillery: Bunratty Potcheen is a brand of this spirit that is produced by Bunratty Distillery in County Clare, Ireland. It is one of the more well-known and legal versions of this traditional spirit.
  • Varieties: Bunratty Potcheen comes in several varieties, including clear and flavored options. Flavored Potcheen may be infused with fruits, herbs, or spices, adding different flavors to the spirit.
  • Legality: Today, Potcheen has moved out of the shadows of illegality. The production and sale of legal Potcheen are regulated in Ireland, and this product is an example of a legal, commercial version of this traditional spirit.
  • Use: Can be consumed neat, in cocktails, or used in culinary applications, similar to other types of high-proof spirits. It’s often used in Irish coffee and other traditional Irish drinks.
  • Cultural Significance: Potcheen is an important part of Irish cultural and historical heritage. It has been celebrated in literature, music, and folklore as a symbol of Irish resistance and resilience.

It’s worth noting that while Bunratty Potcheen is a commercial and legal product, traditional, homemade poteen still exists in some rural areas of Ireland, but it is not produced or sold legally. Bunratty Potcheen provides a way for people to enjoy this historical spirit without the legal and safety concerns associated with illegal homemade versions.

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