Amethystos Fume

Amethystos Fume

The well-traveled Sauvignon Blanc finds in our Drama vineyards the ideal conditions to show off its virtues.

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Amethystos Fume

A wine belonging to the family of white wines with a revolutionary taste, which develops and grows in oak barrels. We owe its complex taste to the grape variety but also to the aromas yielded by the Bordeaux-type barrel. Thus, the Sauvignon Blanc, with the untamed character, is transformed inside its wooden dwelling, acquiring a smoked tinge of dried nuts.

  • ALCOHOL: 13%.
  • VARIETALS: Sauvignon Blanc.
  • REGION: Drama, Greece.
  • FOOD PAIRINGS: Rich seafood (eel, salmon), grilled seasoned white meats, and right white sauces.

Awards and Reviews:

  • Mondus Vini – Amethystos Fume 2020 – Gold – June 2022.
  • Berliner Wein Trophy – Amethystos Fume 2020 – Gold – May 2022.

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Domaine Costa Lazaridi Winery.

In 1979 Costa Lazaridis, “infected” by the … wine bug in Germany, where he spends a lot of time for the family marble business, established in Xiropotamos, on the slopes of Mount Falakro, around his house, the first modern linear vineyard in Drama.

In 1986 follows another first for Costa Lazaridis. He built the only, at the time, modern winery in the region, to vinify the grapes of his private vineyards owned by his company “Constantinos Lazaridis, Winery – Bottling company”. The building, which still stands, is not in use anymore but there are plans to turn it into a museum to mark the beginning of a successful story. The equipment will be later sold to “Lazaridis WIAC SA”, founded in 1987, by Costa Lazaridis and his brother Nico, where he remained as President and Managing Director until the end of 1991. Then, the paths of the two brothers separate since their visions of wine differ radically.

Domaine Costa Lazaridi is the life’s work of Costa Lazaridi. His winery in Adriani, Drama was founded in 1992 and named “Chateau Julia” in honor of his lovely wife. It is stunningly beautiful and was designed by the local artist, Yianni Nanos, who also created the paintings that grace the Estate and the labels of its wines and spirits.

The company was listed in the Athens Stock Exchange in January 2000, and today has 545 acres of vineyards, 161,500 ft² of buildings, 100 personnel, and exports to 16 countries, and has ISO 9001:2000 certification for quality, as well as HACCP certification for safety.

Starting with a small 10-hectare vineyard, Domaine Costa Lazaridi now owns one of the biggest private linear vineyards in Greece, allowing complete self-sufficiency (vertical integration). Grown in the meticulously maintained vineyards are the most well-known Greek varieties, such as Assyrtiko and Limnio, along with international grape varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah.

The fertile Macedonian land, the ideal microclimate, and the low yields produce excellent grapes for the award-winning Amethystos and Chateau Julia wines. To ensure the best possible quality, Domain Costa Lazaridi uses the most advanced technology, including a fully equipped laboratory, pneumatic presses, stainless steel tanks with electronic systems for temperature control, automatic bottling machines, and air-conditioned underground aging and storage facilities. The aging cellar for red wines is one of the most important areas of the Estate, where the wines stay between 12 and 18 months in 225lt oak barrels.

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Domaine Costa Lazaridi

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